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  /  Travel   /  7 Tips To Help You Plan Your Epic Aussie Road Trip

7 Tips To Help You Plan Your Epic Aussie Road Trip

7 Tips To Help You Plan Your Epic Aussie Road Trip

A campervan trip around Australia is probably the most fun you’ll have, like ever, but with so many insanely good spots to stop at, planning it can be a little overwhelming. But as always, Happy Travels has your back with a wealth of knowledge on the land down under and these need-to-know roadie tips.

It’s no secret that road trippin’ is hands down the best way to explore Australia. Whoever you’re travelling with, hiring a campervan gives you fun, freedom and the excuse to sleep sprawled out naked across the back seats with absolutely no judgement at all. Plus, it allows you to stop at some of the most breathtaking destinations in the entire world… obviously. Whether you’re yearning to wander one, two, three or more states, you can be confident that your tailored-to-you campervan will be the beachfront home (on wheels) that you’ve always dreamed of… and you won’t even need to sell a kidney in order to afford it. So, get ready to roll down the windows and turn up the tunes because you’re about to become a campervan extraordinaire, with these useful tips.

1. Get off the beaten track

When you think of ‘paradise’ you probably won’t be imagining 10,000 other people hanging around there with you. That’s where having a campervan comes in handy. Campers give you the freedom and flexibility of visiting stunning spots before or after the crowds. Being on the road allows you to stop at hidden gems along the way and venture down cute looking side streets or deserted beach tracks. Be sure to check out the national parks too; these lush wonderlands are scattered up and down the country and allow you escape into nature for a while, meet the furry locals, and sleep in cheap and peaceful campsites.

2. Plan your route before you book

You probably already have a must-do list, and that’s awesome. But do you know there’s also an array of incredible highlights dotted around that only the locals know about? Whatever it is that you’re passionate about – be it eating, drinking, surf breaks, sunbathing, diving, or something else – this trip is yours and we want to make it memorable. It’s fun to do your own research, and then if you’re after some insider info, the legends here at Happy Travels might spill some secrets… if you ask nicely.

3. Choose the right campervan for your trip

When you’re living in a campervan, you want it to be comfortable, easy to navigate and perfect for you. Thankfully there are loads of vehicle options to choose from, ranging from 1-2 person sleepers, to hi-tops and motorhomes with showers and toilets included. This isn’t the most exciting bit to plan, we know that, so Happy Travels offer a free planning service where you tell us your travel style and we’ll find you a campervan match made in heaven.

4. Book early for best deals

If you know your dates, it’s a good idea to book as far in advance as possible, so you can take advantage of early bird deals and get some of your highlight trips (Fraser & Whitsundays) locked in too. If you’re travelling in the school holidays, or around Christmas and New Year it’s also wise to book campsites a few days beforehand, as they can get booked up and we don’t want you missing out.

5. Don’t forget the fuel

And by that we mean, don’t forget to budget for fuel in your trip. It’s easily forgotten and let’s face it, fuel is essential to a road trip. As a quick calculation guide, a small camper uses around one tank every 400kms and costs roughly $60 to fill up. If you’re driving from Brisbane to Cairns you’ll be covering around 1800kms, which is approx 4.5 tanks, therefore you’ll need to add an extra $270 for fuel into your spending. Download the Fuel Map Australia app to notify you where the cheapest fuel is so you can plan for the cheapest refills.

6. Get your apps out

There’s a bunch of cool apps that will help you make the most of your time here in Aus. Some of our favourites include QLD Parks, NSW Parks, Wiki Camps, Camps Australia Wide, Roadtrippers and Campermate. If you’re a stargazer, check out Star Walk 2 and if you’re a surfer, Beachsafe is a must.

7. Shop around to save

You definitely want some extra spending money, so this is where Happy Travels steps in to save the day (again). Our agents have friends in high places and will contact every major campervan company to make sure we get you the best deal. It’s that simple. Ready to get a holiday in the diary after way too much time of not travelling? Contact Happy Travels now, for a free quote and help with making the roadie of your 2020 quarantine dreams a reality.