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A melting pot of creative culture, Byron Bay is not just a place it's a calling.
Whispering to the modern day to try and remember what life’s all about.
It’s a reconnection with spirit.

When one island just wont do, we’ll give you seventy four. Welcome to the Whitsundays.

Byron Bay Surf LESSONS


Enjoy a half-day surf lesson in Byron Bay with Mojo Surf. This budget-friendly surf lesson is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. Book now.

       All Surf Equipment Included

       Qualified Guides

       Awesome Value For Money

       Courtesy Transport Included


So you’ve decided to quit your job, sell your belongings and live on the beach. Something’s missing… You wanna rip the waves like the locals. Go 1-on-1 with a local surf instructor to learn how it’s done in this fantastic private surf lesson.

    Learn To Surf On The Beach

    Personalised 1-on-1 Instruction

    Years of Knowledge & Experience

      Good-Time Guarantee

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Trip of a life time, lake Mckenzie is breathtaking, Tony the tour guide had a wealth of knowledge about the island and driving around the island in a land cruiser was so much fun!!

Matty Carey


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