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Popular Whitsunday Products


Atherton Tablelands is home to a series of cascading waterfalls, natural waterslides, volcanic crater lake swimming holes and ancient rainforests. Need we say more? If you haven’t already got the gist of this, you have to go.

Waterfall Swimming

Fun & Knowledgable Guides

Delicious Lunch Included

Cairns Best Rated Tour Provider


As one of the best day trips in Australia, Ocean Rafting can’t be overlooked when picking your perfect one day Whitsundays tour. Exhilarating, fun & adventurous. This is one hell of a ride.

Enjoy a Fun-Fuelled Fast Boat Ride

5* Star Reviews + Eco-Certified

Lunch Included

2x Coral Reef Snorkel Locations


Looking for the perfect Whitsundays beachy day trip? Ocean Rafting are legends around these parts and their Southern Lights tour is not one to miss out on.

Includes Buffet Lunch

Visit Southern & Northern Whitehaven Beach

1x Coral Reef Snorkel Spot

Years of Local Knowledge & Experience

The Whitsunday Island

If you’re looking for Tropical islands, lush rainforest, turquoise waters, secluded beaches and jaw dropping views then look no further than the Whitsundays. In the heart of the Great Barrier Reef with white sand and idyllic snorkel spots you’ll be wishing you were there yesterday. 

If you’re the type of person that’s always dreamt of sailing away into the sunset to explore tropical waters then the Whitsundays is a must. We have a range of different sailing experiences to suit everybody from those with a thirst for exploration and adventure to those who prefer the more luxurious lifestyle. 

Sail around the Whitsunday Islands and become enchanted in its sheer beauty. Scuba dive or snorkel incredible reefs home to an array of tropical marine life. Discover the magic of Whitehaven Beach and the stunning marble wash visuals at Hill Inlet. It really is as perfect in real life as it is on the gram. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book Now.

Airlie Beach

Known as the gateway to the Whitsundays this palm tree-lined town has plenty to offer. Overlooking the coral sea the town rests by the side of a pristine turquoise lagoon.

With the smell of coconut sunscreen in the air, this place is the essence of a holiday. 

Once you’ve checked into your Airlie Beach accommodation why not take a walk down to the harbor, grab a drink at The Garden Bar and observe the many yachts waiting to set sail out to those oh so tropical Whitsunday Islands in the sun. 

When it all gets too hot why not cool down and get poolside at the lagoon. There’s heaps of shade and being in the center of town you’re never too far from a cocktail bar or two.

If you’re in need of activities before you sail out to the Whitsundays then Airlie has you covered. Skydiving, Jet Skiing, Scenic flights, and Deep Sea Fishing to name but a few. 

There’s no better place to start an epic week of fun in the sun.

Whitehaven Beach

The crown jewel of the Whitsundays, this place tops any list for those seeking a bit of R&R. Pure shores, white sands and aqua blue waters makes Whitehaven perfect for a bit of me-time. Protected by the Whitsunday Islands National Park and only accessible by boat, seaplane or helicopter its sands are famed for their silky smooth textures. 

Take a stroll on the quiet side and check it out for yourself. This place has to be seen to be believed.

Hill Inlet

Situated at the northern end of Whitehaven beach this place cannot be missed. Do not forget your camera. This breathtaking inlet provides the perfect gallery framing all the natural beauty of Whitehaven in one epic display.

Van Gough and Dali ain’t got shit on Mother Nature as each day she lays down another masterpiece of colour and marble wash.

Trust us when we say that this walk is worth it. Water bottle in one hand and your camera in the other is the perfect way to gear up for this next level lookout.

Whitsundays Tours

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    Wings Whitsundays Tour (Half of Shared Double) (2 Day/2 Night)

    This EPIC 2 day and 2 night Whitsundays sailing adventure on Wings offers a shared double bed configuration, ideal for a couple or two mates. Same product, different bed.

    Shared Double Bed Configuration

    Fully Eco-Certified

    All Meals Included

    B.Y.O Drinks


    1 Day Ocean Rafting Northern Exposure Rafters Pack Whitsundays Tour

    As one of the best day trips in Australia, Ocean Rafting can’t be overlooked when picking your perfect one day Whitsundays tour. Exhilarating, fun & adventurous. This is one hell of a ride.

    Enjoy a Fun-Fuelled Fast Boat Ride

    5* Star Reviews + Eco-Certified

    Lunch Included

    2x Coral Reef Snorkel Locations


    15,000ft Airlie Beach Skydive

    There’s nothing better than a Skydive in Airlie Beach over The Whitsundays from 15,000ft up in the sky. Okay, well maybe winning a million bucks would be pretty sweet but this comes in a close second… Check out this not be missed adventure.

    Jump From Upto 15,000ft

    Epic 60-Second Freefall

    Views Of Whitsunday Islands

    World's Best Skydive Instructors


    Condor Whitsundays Maxi Sailing Tour (4 Day/3 Night )

    This incredible extended Whitsundays Sailing Tour is perfect for those wanting to spend a little longer on the islands. Flexible itinerary, cruisey vibes & all inclusive makes this ideal for any adventure traveller.

    Personalised Tour With Flexible Itinerary

    Multiple World-Class Snorkelling Spots

    Legendary Crew & Qualified guides

    4 Full-Day Sailing Adventure


    Hammer Whitsundays Sailing Tour (3 Day/2 Night)

    This 3 day 2 night sailing adventure is for the young at heart adventure traveller who is not afraid to get stuck in with everything from hands on sailing to coral reef snorkelling. The perfect all rounder, run by a fantastic crew.

    Excellent Reviews

    3 Full Days + 2 Nights

    Awesome Food Included

    Fun, Friendly Onboard Crew


    Avatar Whitsundays Sailing Adventure (2 Day/2 Night)

    This 2 day 2 night ‘trimaran’ is recommended for a social adventurous traveller looking for speed, stability and tons of deck space to sunbathe and relax.

    Fun Liveaboard Sailing Adventure

    Perfect For Solo Travellers + Small Groups

    Great Value For Money

    Stable Boat With Tons Of Deckspace


    Atlantic Clipper Adventure Whitsundays Sailing (2 Day/2 Night)

    You know the saying right? “Ain’t no party like an Atlantic Clipper party”. Ok, well maybe you don’t right now but book yourself on this trip and we can assure you, you will by the end.

    Fun, Party-Style, Adventure Tour

    Super Social Vibe. Perfect For Groups

    Music & Party Games In The Evening

    Epic Coral Reef Snorkelling & Activities


    Whitsundays Jetski Tour

    This 2 Island Whitsundays Jetski Safari is a must do for any adventure-seeker spending a few in Airlie Beach. On this tour you can expect action, adventure and good times. It might be one of the best things you ever do.

    Adrenaline Pumping Thrill-Ride

    Spot Incredible Wildlife & Nature

    Complimentary Snack & Drink

    FREE Photo’s Included


    60-minute Whitsundays & Great Barrier Reef Scenic Flight

    Embark on one of the world’s most incredible scenic flights. 60-minutes of pure jaw dropping beauty as you glide through the sky over island and ocean. Get your camera at the ready, this is one hell of a trip.

    60-Minute Scenic flight Over Islands & Reef

    Top-Rated Sightseeing Tour

    See The World Famous ‘Heart Reef’

    Chance To Take Incredible Photo’s


    1 Day Thundercat Whitsundays Tour

    “Seeing the Whitsundays in a day is impossible” Said nobody… ever…. after doing ‘Thundercat’. This Whitsundays day trip is the perfect all-rounder. You'll see the very best of the Whitsundays. No worries.

    Super-Fun Fast & Stable Catamaran

    Delicious Buffet Lunch Included

    The Perfect All-Rounder

    Great Value For Money


    1 Day Ocean Rafting Southern Lights Rafters Pack Whitsundays Tour

    Looking for the perfect Whitsundays beachy day trip? Ocean Rafting are legends around these parts and their Southern Lights tour is not one to miss out on.

    Includes Buffet Lunch

    Visit Southern & Northern Whitehaven Beach

    1x Coral Reef Snorkel Spot

    Years of Local Knowledge & Experience


    Whitsundays Getaway Luxury Catamaran Sailing (2 Day/1 Night)

    If you’re chasing a Primo-Whitsundays sailing adventure that combines comfort, style and class then this luxury vessel is sure to tick every box you can think of. Do the Whitsundays. The Luxx way.

    Overnight Luxury Sailing Experience

    Incredible Snorkelling Locations

    Experienced On-board Captain & Crew

    Delicious Meals and Snacks Included


    Wings Whitsundays Tour (Single Bed) (2 Day/2 Night)

    Explore the Whitsundays aboard this EPIC 2 Day 2 Night adventure sailing catamaran, Wings. This tour highlights all the best spots such as Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet + The best snorkel spots.

    Single Bed in Shared Room

    Fully Eco-Certified

    All Meals Included

    B.Y.O Drinks


    Entice Whitsundays Sailing Trip (2 Day/2 Night)

    Widely renowned as one of the best sailing trips in Northern Queensland. The Entice Catamarans offer a premium multi-day experience fun for all ages. Ideal for a once in a lifetime weekend getaway.

    Dedicated Onboard Captain & Crew

    Excellent Reviews

    Departs From Airlie Beach

    Enjoy a Luxury Sailing Adventure


    Siska Whitsundays Sailing Adventure (2 Day/1 Night)

    Short on time? Look no further. Siska 2 day and 1 night tour gets the Whitsundays done. It’s a ‘Maxi Racer’, so if speed and adrenaline are your kinda thing then this could be for you.

    Fast Maxi-Racing Yacht

    Amazing Coral Reef Snorkelling

    Enjoy Guided Hike Through National Park

    Sleep Onboard The Boat

  • ASK US FOR 10% OFF

    Tongarra Catamaran Whitsundays Sailing (2 Day/2 Night)

    If you’re looking to explore the Whitsunday Islands without breaking your travel budget this 2 day, 2 night sailing adventure aboard the Tongarra offers incredible value for money.

    Liveaboard Sailing Adventure

    Coral Reef Snorkelling

    All Meals Included

    Great Value For Money

Choosing the right boat for your sailing trip

  • blank


    Recommended for smaller groups, campervans are the preferred choice for budding adventure travellers looking to hit the open road. Campervans come in all shapes and sizes, so If you are looking for a budget camper or something with a little more luxury there is something for everyone. We compare the rates with every vehicle rental company to ensure you get all the available options suited to your travel needs.

  • blank

    Including all the day to day home comforts you could ask for, motorhomes are an affordable solution ready to take you anywhere. Whilst these tend to be most popular with families they can also accommodate large groups ready for big adventures. Expect a hot shower, as well as a fully equipped kitchen and comfortable sleeping and seating arrangements. 

  • blank

    Starting at just $19 per day, cars are an affordable mode of transport for all trips, long and short. Whether you need a vehicle for a weekend away, your next work trip or an adventure up the coast we’ve got you covered. Our suppliers offer a wide range of vehicles that are budget-friendly and reliable to ensure you can get from A to B.

  • blank
    4X4 Off-Road

    If you plan to head off the beaten track into the unknown then a 4×4 is the perfect vehicle to do it in. Our suppliers offer a vast selection of the toughest, most reliable vehicles on the market. Whether you’re planning a short weekend to Fraser Island or an epic trip across the Simpson Desert a fully equipped vehicle is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are campervans suited to?

Whether you’re a first time traveller or a fully-fledged grey-nomad there are no limits here. Across roads around Australia and New Zealand, you’ll meet people of all ages loving life as they bounce from place to place living life on the road. Campervans are suitable for those with a thirst for adventure looking to see all the hidden gems along the way.


It’s common knowledge that Australia and New Zealand can be pretty expensive places to travel. Depending on your spending habits you can make travelling in a campervan as cheap or as expensive as you like.

We find that a campervan is considerably cheaper if you are travelling in a group of two or more compared to booking public transport and paying for accommodation as you go.

In most campervans you combine all your sleeping, travelling and cooking needs into one. This helps cut costs as the overall cost is rolled into one.


If travelling solo you definitely rent a campervan although we recommend booking a bus pass that you can combine with accommodation. This way you’ll get to meet more people along the way and save a few bucks compared to renting a campervan on your own.


In short.. No. You can’t just pull up at Bondi Beach and set up camp for a few days and wave good morning to the lifeguards on shift. You should expect to check into the odd campsite here and there but with tons of free campgrounds across the country you can certainly do van-life on a budget.


We recommend that you check out a mix of campsites whilst on your travels. Check out the site Hipcamp (this is like the Airbnb of campgrounds) you can stay on peoples properties in incredible locations from as little as $6 per night. National Parks are also a great shout, there are tons of campgrounds in world-class locations for next to nothing. If you’re searching for free camps then check out wikicamps for a list of freedom camping sites, they are a great shout too.


Depending on what style of camper you choose i.e. 2-seater camper car, hi-top or motorhome you’ll see that size matters. The smaller the vehicle, the easier they are to drive. If you’re looking for something that drives like a car then we recommend a 2-seater camper car or a mid-sized hi-top. These come in both manual and automatic transmission and drive just like a normal car.


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