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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to bring my ID?

Yes, you do need to bring your ID if you would like to drink. The drinking age in Australia 18+ and your age needs to be proven in order to allow you to drink.

Are there alternatives to wine or beer if I do not drink?

Yes, there are alternatives if you do not drink alcohol. Our suppliers can offer something that you prefer while on the tour.

Do I need to provide my dietary requirements?

Yes, this is quite important in case you have an allergy or can’t eat certain things that the tour supplier should know about. It is best to let your tour provider know ahead of time.

Will alcohol be served responsibly?

Yes. All of our tour suppliers are committed to providing customers a happy and safe tour environment. It is the responsibility of the customer to consume in a safely manner as well in alignment with their own personal tolerance.

Will the tour provide transportation?

Yes, of course! Since you are consuming alcohol, we wouldn’t want you driving off and getting pulled over. Our suppliers will provide the appropriate transportation dependent on the size of your group.

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