Frequently asked questions

Do I need a license to drive a jet ski?

Yes, in Australia, you do need one, however, on the tours that we book, you do not need one.

What should I wear while on a jetski tour?

You should definitely bring along swimmers, towel, and sunscreen – just like a day at the beach.

How fast can we go on the jetskis?

As new laws have been introduced for Australian jet ski tour operators, you cannot exceed 30km/h.

Do I need to be able to swim to drive a jet ski?

Yes, we do recommend that you know how to swim in case you fall into the water, as you need to be a confident swimmer to get back to your jet ski.

Do I need prior experience before driving a jet ski?

For tours, no, as our suppliers hire certified guides who will instruct you on everything you need to know and inform you of all the safety precautions that need to be taken.

Will we see marine life while on our jet ski tour?

This is definitely a possibility. Popular specimens that are seen are usually sea turtles, dugongs, plenty of small fish, the occasional ray, and the seasonal whale sightings.

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