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A place of immense beauty that offers true adventure. Fraser Island is the real deal.
welcome to the wonderful island of k’gari

When one island just wont do, we’ll give you seventy four. Welcome to the Whitsundays.

Fraser Island Sightseeing Tours


So you want to explore Fraser Island for a couple of days but camping and cooking on the beach just ain’t your thing? Well then… Check this out. Expect a fully guided experience aboard a custom built 4WD bus. In the evening you’ll be based at the Eurong Beach Resort.

    Ideal For A Short Getaway

    Fully Guided Bus Tour

    Sightseeing Adventure

   Great Value For Money

Sick of reading generic travel content? Does everyone promise sunshine, lollipops & rainbows? Turns out not all trips are suited to every individual. We say how it is. Giving you honest opinions. Getting you the information you need. That’s our promise.

Trip of a life time, lake Mckenzie is breathtaking, Tony the tour guide had a wealth of knowledge about the island and driving around the island in a land cruiser was so much fun!!

Matty Carey


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