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Outstanding coastlines, breathtaking views, and Incredible food. Welcome to Tasmania.

Outstanding coastlines, breathtaking views, and Incredible food? Welcome to Tasmania.

The beauty of this island is that it’s actually pretty small, in fact, it’s the smallest state in Australia! You can travel the whole place in just a few days, making it the perfect spot for a short holiday or an add-on to an all-around Aussie adventure. 

For those looking to explore this incredible (and often overlooked) part of Australia, we recommend renting a campervan or motorhome if traveling with a friend. If you are going solo, there are some fantastic tour operators that we can recommend that will look after you every step of the way. 

Whilst flights are the most preferred way of getting here, some people choose to take the ferry over from Melbourne. This is ideal if you plan to stay awhile and take your own car.





    Tassie’s largest and most populated city is of course Hobart. This quirky town is a great starting point for any round-Tasmania tour. Renowned for its rich history and culture this city is not one to be missed. Don’t forget to take a stroll down to the harbour and enjoy a coffee from one of the many epic cafes that fringe the water. 

    Not far from the calm waters of Hobart is Shipsterns Bluff. This is one of the world’s biggest waves. Only the world’s most daring surfers descend upon this place to tackle this monster. Fortunately for those wanting to learn how to surf there are many more nearby beaches that offer beginner-style surf lessons. 

    If you’re looking for somewhere to stay on a budget then, check out ‘The Pickled Frog’ This place can be spotted a mile away, with its renowned ‘Kermit Green’ paint job it’s a worthy photo op too. 

    Cradle Mountain

    Explore the highlands of Tassie with incredible hiking and next-level views over Lake St Clair National Park. Australia’s largest lake sits at the bottom of a valley surround by a mountain range. This place is the definition of picture-perfect and the ideal spot for a true explorer.

    You won’t find supermarkets or fast-food restaurants anywhere near so make sure you go prepared if staying for a few days. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay nearby, choose from budget wilderness campgrounds to chalets and hotels.

    The Bay of Fires 

    Expect tons of world-class beachside campsites overlooking the water. Get out and explore some of the mind-blowing hikes around these parts and if you’re feeling adventurous then take a swim in some of the freshwater waterfalls. 

    Home to fiery red rock, pure white sand, and crystal clear waters, this place couldn’t be any more perfect for a lazy day on the beach, paddling in rock pools and embracing a bit of summer sun. 

    When cruising around The Bay Of Fires check out St Helens, a town close to Binalong Bay. Here you can get everything you need for a few days out exploring in nature. This place is a must-see on any Tassie trip. 

    Hint alert*** If you fancy yourself for a bit of Mountain Biking, St Helens is incredible. Check it out.

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