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Top 5 Things Red Centre

Top 5 Things Red Centre

Out of all the destinations Australia has to offer there are few as iconic and unique as the Red Centre. With it’s unmistakable landscape the Aussie outback is pretty magical and if you’re looking to explore some of the “real” Australia it doesn’t get much better than that!

And to help inspire you to stray from the East Coast and discover another side of Oz here’s our 5 favourite things to do in the Red Centre…

Our Top 5 Things To Do In The Red Centre

Sleep In A Swag

There’s no better way to experience life in the outback than in a traditional swag. A cross between a tent and a sleeping bag these simple yet incredibly comfortable structures are the perfect place to tuck yourself in next to a roaring camp fire and gaze into the magnificent star scape as you fall asleep.

It certainly beats a noisy hostel dorm, that’s for sure!

Hike The West MacDonnell Ranges

If getting off the beaten track is your thing then a visit to the West MacDonnell Ranges is a must for your trip as this untapped destination is only visited by about 15% of people who head to the Red Centre!

With the rare opportunity to swim in the desert at spectacular spots like Ellery Creek Big Hole and chance to visit the Ochre Pits to discover the source of many Aboriginal Rock Paintings this alternative landscape is one not to be missed.

Learn More From The Locals

The Red Centre is of huge importance to the Aboriginal community of Australia and learning more about the cultural significance of the area will give you an even more deeper understanding of why this place is so unique.

A glimpse into the dream time stories and lifestyle of the custodians of the land is something that will change your perspective of why Australia is such an incredible country.

Explore The Valley Of The Winds

Often described as the most spectacular hike in the Red Centre the Katajuta Hike boasts gigantic cliff faces, stunning scenery and an other worldly style landscape.

If you’re looking for an epic Instagram shot this is certainly the place to head – but be prepared for some extreme heat and pack plenty of water for the trek!

Sunrise/Sunset Over Uluru

And of course no visit to the Red Centre is complete without marvelling at the natural wonder that is Uluru! It’s a tough call between whether sunrise or sunset is the best time to check out this incredible spot, but why choose when you can do both?!

Watch as the colours of the rock fade between bright oranges and reds to violets and dark silhouettes – a truly incredible experience no matter how well travelled you are.

…but whatever you do, respect the heritage and cultural significance of the Red Centre and DONT climb Uluru.

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