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If you’re looking to explore the Whitsunday Islands without breaking your travel budget this 2 day, 2 night sailing adventure aboard the Tongarra offers incredible value for money.

Liveaboard Sailing Adventure

Coral Reef Snorkelling

All Meals Included

Great Value For Money


Short on time? Look no further. Siska 2 day and 1 night tour gets the Whitsundays done. It’s a ‘Maxi Racer’, so if speed and adrenaline are your kinda thing then this could be for you.

Fast Maxi-Racing Yacht

Amazing Coral Reef Snorkelling

Enjoy Guided Hike Through National Park

Sleep Onboard The Boat


You know the saying right? “Ain’t no party like an Atlantic Clipper party”. Ok, well maybe you don’t right now but book yourself on this trip and we can assure you, you will by the end.

Fun, Party-Style, Adventure Tour

Super Social Vibe. Perfect For Groups

Music & Party Games In The Evening

Epic Coral Reef Snorkelling & Activities


This 2 day 2 night ‘trimaran’ is recommended for a social adventurous traveller looking for speed, stability and tons of deck space to sunbathe and relax.

Fun Liveaboard Sailing Adventure

Perfect For Solo Travellers + Small Groups

Great Value For Money

Stable Boat With Tons Of Deckspace

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