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Get amongst nature with this tremendous 1 day rainforest day tour. Enjoy a fully guided adventure into the Daintree featuring wildlife, a croc cruise and world-class beaches.

      Designed for Adventure Seekers

    Full Day Rainforest Tour

     Fully Guided Transport Included

    Great Value For Money


As the highest ranked day tour on Tripadvisor, Uncle Brians go above and beyond to create a next-level atmosphere for the whole group. This is not one to miss out on.

     Fully Qualified Legendary Guides

     Spot Giant Saltwater Crocodiles

      Delicious Lunch Included

     Number 1 Tour Provider in Cairns


Uncle Brians overnight Cape Trib tour will leave you with memories for a lifetime. A truly epic overnight rainforest adventure where nature will have you gaspin’ and the guides will have you laughin’.

    Fun & Social Vibe

      Spot wildlife such as Crocs & Cassowaries

      Start & Finish In Cairns

     Stay Overnight In The Rainforest


If you fancy an overnight rainforest adventure but don’t fancy going it alone… We don’t blame you! Check out this incredible budget-friendly overnight experience that highlights the best that Cape Trib has to offer.

        All Transport included

       Beachside Dorm Accommodation

        Spot Amazing Wildlife

        Excellent Reviews


Explore waterfalls, crystal clear natural waterslides, incredible rainforests and epic lookouts. Make new friends, see new things and learn about the incredible Atherton Tablelands. This is without a doubt one of Cairns best day tours.

       Full Day Tour

        Pub Lunch Included

        Perfect If You Love Adventure

      Incredible Views, Waterfalls and Nature


Atherton Tablelands is home to a series of cascading waterfalls, natural waterslides, volcanic crater lake swimming holes and ancient rainforests. Need we say more? If you haven’t already got the gist of this, you have to go.

Waterfall Swimming

Fun & Knowledgable Guides

Delicious Lunch Included

Cairns Best Rated Tour Provider

Full Day 4WD Daintree Rainforest Tour
From $195pp
If you’re after an all-out 4wd adventure to the Rainforest then nobody rocks a better trip that the legends at Billy Tea Safaris. Wake up at the crack of dawn and before you know it you’ll be onboard a beast of a 4 wheelin’ RIG that makes light work of any 4wd track.

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