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Experience the adrenaline rush as you free fall for up to 60 seconds with this Tandem Skydive in Taupo, New Zealand!

Tour Description

Skydiving is one of the ultimate adrenaline fixes – free falling through the sky at speeds of up to 200kmph as the earth rushes towards you, theres nothing quite like it!

Choose to Skydive Taupo in New Zealands North Island and you’ll get to choose from either a 12,000 or 15,000 foot jump – giving you up to 60 seconds of free fall and stunning views across the landscape.

They’ll even pick you up in their Skydive Taupo limousine – starting your skydive experience in real style!

Safely briefed and strapped to your experienced tandem skydive master you’ll enjoy (well try to enjoy!) the 25 minute scenic flight to your drop altitude and then you just have to relax and prepare for the rush as you jump out of a perfectly good plane!

Once your parachute is open you can once again soak up the amazing views from high above Taupo before stepping foot back onto solid ground.

Want to prove to your friends and family that you actually jumped? You can also add on photos, video or a combination of both to your skydive experience!


12,000 or 15,000 foot skydive
Up to 60 seconds of free fall
Scenic flight to jump altitude
Photo & videos packs available
Stunning views across Taupo and the surrounding New Zealand landscape
The grond rushing towards you at 200kmph!
Taupo's only one-on-one customer focused drop zone
We aim to offer a personal service from start to finish making our customers feel 'special'
Offer both personalised freefall DVD and Handycam. You can even choose your own music with the handycam
FREE Limo pick-up!
FREE mini van pick up from Rotorua - (departs 10am daily)
Get to jump out of our famous pink plane
Purchase a 15,000 feet package and jump again for just $170 at either Skydive Taupo or our sister company Skydive Auckland

Plane ride takes approx 25 mins - then the door opens and out you go
Either 45 seconds or 1 minute of freefall depending on your chosen height and then your parachute is pulled and you have a gently 5 mins ride down to earth.
Once you have landed you get to watch your DVD

Departure Days

We run every day weather permitting and generally book every hour from sunrise to sunset (closed xmas day, boxing day and new years day)

Pick up service
We have a courtesy Limousine service which picks up from accommodation in Taupo

We have a mini van service which runs at 10am every morning from Rotorua. This service returns to Rotorua at approx 2:30. Customers can choose to be dropped in Taupo if they prefer

Personalised Freefall DVD $179
Freefall Photo's $165
Handycam DVD $149
Handicap Photos $139

100kg weight restriction

Open date tickets please give 5 days notice to book. All bookings MUST reconfirm 24-48 hours in advance. Ph: 0800 586 766 or 07 377 8300 or from outside NZ: +64 7 377 8300.
Provider Details
Skydive Taupo
Free Phone: 0800 586 766
12,000 Feet - $245
15,000 Feet - $335

Optional Extras;

Personalised Freefall DVD $179
Freefall Photo's $165
Handycam DVD $149
Handycam Photos$139
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