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Never has a place felt so powerful and so significant.
Welcome to Uluru. Full of wisdom, understanding and insightfulness.

Never has a place felt so powerful and so significant. Welcome to Uluru. Full of wisdom, understanding and insightfulness.

There’s a reason this place is a world heritage treasure. A deeply spiritual site in the heart of Australia it is thought that here earth and memories exist as one.

Embrace the culture, stories and wisdom of the indigenous people as you explore The Dreamtime. Revel in mother natures delights as she paints a canvas of magical sunsets and starlit skies each and every day.

Welcome to The Outback.

Uluru & Outback 




    Kata Tjuta

    With 36 towering domes Kata Tjuta dominates the skies glowing at sunrise and sunset. Be sure to make time for the ‘Valley of the wind”. Weaving its way through 546m high formations this hike delivers a sense of peace, tranquility and being like no other. Lesser known than Uluru but just as spectacular this place is 500 million years in the making.  

    Kings Canyon

    Kings Canyon – Home to the domes of a “lost city”, a Garden of Eden and a Queen of the desert. What are you waiting for? Let’s get hiking. Suitable for most it’s the first hundred or so steps that are the hardest we promise. So don’t turn back. What of this lost city we speak of? Well ok so it’s not exactly a lost city but rather a series of sandstone domes that look like one.    Step out from Priscilla’s crack (Watch the movie) and marvel.

    Alice Springs

    The gateway to the famous Red Centre. Located at the base of the Macdonnell Ranges there’s plenty of impressive landscape to be seen from the most famous outback town in Australia.

    Home to the arts, traditional and new it’s also home to many events. A cultural epicentre Alice Springs is a great starting point to any trip. 

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