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Pre-summer sale! Plan your summer East Coast Australia trip today and save up to $500 – Offer ends soon!


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Perhaps no Australian capital has changed as much in recent decades as Perth, becoming the fourth largest city in Australia, flaunting its wealth with shiny skyscrapers, hip boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and buzzing entertainment venues. Set to the west next to the Indian Ocean, and set on the banks of the winding Swan River, Perth is a hotspot for water sports. Surfing, swimming, and sailing are part of everyday life, and enjoying the city’s beautiful beaches is among the top fun things to do in Perth.

Aqwa Under Water World

Visiting AQWA Under Water World is a unique way to discover the distinctive marine life of Western Australia. It’s the biggest aquarium/reserve of Australia with more than four hundred different species of marine life who thrive in the Indian Ocean. The spectacular underwater aquarium has been constructed in a detailed manner to help visitors cover the marine world of Australia in a single day.

Forming the biggest walkthrough aquarium in the country, the entire underwater exhibition has been amazingly categorised into 5 sections on the basis of different regions. Visitors will find themselves surrounded by various species of marine animals including mellow turtles, sharks, and coral reefs.

Cottesloe Beach

Stretching about 1km long, Cottesloe Beach happens to be one of the prettiest beaches in Perth. Beholding clear blue waters and shimmering white sand, this beach is counted among the most famous beaches of Western Australia, owing to its water activities like snorkelling, surfing, and swimming, making it one of the better options in Perth to visit for those who are fun sun lovers.

Some of the other activities that invite visitors to this alluring beach include cycling, walking, and participating in the interesting Sunday sessions held here. Cottesloe Beach is dotted with a number of elegant restaurants and cosy cafes where visitors can fill up on some delicious grub after enjoying a plethora of beach activities.

Swan Valley

On the northern side of Perth and the Swan River lies the beautiful Swan Valley. It is the oldest wine region of Western Australia and the food and wine trail is a wonderful location to explore some of the best cuisine and bag some fine bottles of wine. Vineyards in the Swan Valley flourish in fertile soils and a Mediterranean climate of hot and dry summers and mild wet winters, producing a variety of rich and flavorful wines. Due to this condition, their seasonal produce is also great and a must-try when you are in this region.

Away from the busy city, Swan Valley is a place of natural beauty, holding a grand amount of attractions within a 25km radius. Apart from the greatest wineries and gourmet restaurants, there are heaps of fun filled activities you can share with friends and family, covering it by car, cycling, or even hopping on the Swan Valley Cruise. You will be able to cover everything from wine tastings, visiting The Sacred India Gallery, heading over to the Margaret River Chocolate Company, and checking out some of the famous organic honey at Windarra Honey.


For anyone who has very little to no knowledge about Western Australia, you may have never heard of Fremantle. Most people just pass through in order to get to Rottnest Island, and don’t realise it’s one of the most buzzing and charming smaller cities in Australia. Fremantle is a lovely port city in WA with laid-back vibes and a lot of history, especially maritime history. The architecture of the facade, outside high tables, live music on the street, lined up cafes, and European culture, are what defines Freo (as it’s called by the locals).

Just a 30-minute drive from the city of Perth, Freo is also pretty easy to get around, making it the best town to explore on foot or by bike, so you can check out the buzzing bars, the famous markets, and the melting pot of street art created by visiting international artists over the years. If you’ve spent some time in Australia, you’ve probably heard of Little Creatures as well, so be sure to pop into their brewery to see what all the fuss is about.

Perth CBD

You must think we are crazy if you didn’t think we would talk about the best part of Perth; the downtown CBD of course! There’s been heaps of chit chat about what makes Perth…Perth, and we’ve got the inside scoop from the locals that live and breathe this city. We’ve decided to list off a few things for you to do while on your visit to the inner workings of the city. Some quirky, some fine, some we don’t know where they even came from, but it’s all a bit of fun.

Hyde Park: There’s nothing that makes an inner-city feel more like a big city other than a park. Spend long afternoons lounging under the shade of the plane trees, whether it’s nursing your hangover from the previous night out, or a family-friendly BBQ.

Somerville Auditorium: Catch a film at this famous outdoor auditorium. The program is always jam packed with arthouse films from around the world, plus it’s a gorgeous setting for an evening picnicking under those iconic pine trees.

The Jazz Cellar: This place has become a thing of legend. You may hear word about a speakeasy you can enter via a secret phone booth, before this became a trend. Open for over 20 years, this underground institution is Perth’s home of traditional jazz, and visiting is a huge experience. Eccentric as it is, The Jazz Cellar isn’t licensed, so that means BYO food and drinks. You just have to chip in a bit of coin for the live music.

Perth Markets: Perth is a city full of artists, makers, foodies, and creatives of all varieties, and there’s no better way to discover someone new than browsing through some stalls at a local market. The Perth Upmarket is the largest, taking place four times a year and showcasing over 180 markets.

Frequently asked questions

Is the transportation system in Perth good?

The transportation network in Perth may not be as extensive as Sydney or Melbourne, but most people find it decent enough to get around on a daily basis.

Is Perth expensive?

Perth is a quiet city, but it definitely has its expenses, so we have mapped them out for you below.

Hostel Prices – This is one of the most expensive cities in Australia for accommodation and that is due to the areas from the mining money in town. You can find 8-12 person bed dorms starting at 20AUD and smaller dorms will be closer to 25AUD, while private rooms will start at 60AUD.

Budget Hotel Prices – Budget hotels tend to start from 120AUD, usually coming with AC, a private bathroom, free WIFI, and free breakfast.

Average Cost Of Food – Restaurants in Perth are pretty expensive. Main dishes at restaurants serving that classic Aussie food cost between 20-30AUD, while take away spots usually cost around 10AUD.

When is the best time to go to Perth?

September to the end of November are both excellent months for visiting Perth while winter becomes spring. The weather is comfortable and the flowers begin to bloom, and the skies are always blue. December through February is Perth’s summer, and this is when it can get hot hot hot, averaging about 40 degrees.

Is Perth a dangerous place?

Perth is an incredibly safe area to travel as there is no crime here. We recommend you would use caution as you would use in any other place, but there’s a small chance of anything going seriously wrong.

How do I get to Perth?

Perth has a well serviced airport offering international flights from the UK, Middle East, South Africa, and Asia across 18 international airlines. Domestic flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, and Darwin operate daily.

It isn’t a bad city to travel to with a campervan or car either with Margaret River to the south and the entire West Coast to the north.

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