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Last-minute availability alert! Limited spots on our East Coast Australia tours for our May, June & July departures – Book Now!

India and Sri Lanka

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Two unforgettable countries with epic bucket list destinations are just waiting to be explored. Check out our India and Sri Lanka tours below, and start dreaming of the incredible adventure ahead of you.


Discover the magic of India’s vibrant culture, natural beauty, majestic landmarks and dynamic history.

A journey to India will be one that holds a place in your heart long after you’ve left. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the serene temples of Pushkar, India welcomes travellers with a wild sense of adventure of a love for nature.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage as you wander through majestic forts, exquisite temples, and bustling bazaars. The Taj Mahal, the Pink Palace, and Tiger Safari in Ranthambore are just some of the epic bucket list destinations you’ll find here. Indulge your taste buds with the diverse flavours of Indian cuisine, from spicy street food to aromatic curries, and have a go yourself with an authentic cooking class.

At night, enjoy everything from social hostel hangouts, rooftop bars, beach parties, or vibrant night markets. The electric atmosphere of India is unbeatable. Embrace the unknown, discover hidden gems, and create memories to last a lifetime when you travel to India.

Sri Lanka

Explore the island of Sri Lanka, full of tropical beaches, tea plantations, and epic wildlife. Elephants, peacocks, buffalo, and more! We offer the best Sri Lanka tours and accommodation to give you an adventure to remember.

A teardrop shaped island in the Indian Ocean, this country is full of wonder and perfect for adventure lovers. Whether it’s pristine beaches, jaw dropping mountains, scenic rainforests, or amazing wildlife reserves you’re after, this country has it all. Enjoy the cerulean blue ocean for a fun surf session, or grab yourself a deliciously fresh coconut and relax for the perfect sunset view.

Encounter wildlife on an incredible safari through stunning National Parks, where you can spot elephants, mongoose, leopards, monkeys, peacocks, and so much more. Hop on board the world’s most scenic train and dangle your toes out the doorway while you take in the breathtaking sights of the mountainous rainforests and tea plantations. And be sure to try the local cuisine wherever you go – known for delicious curries, sambol, kottu and roti, as well as an array of delightfully sweet fruits, you’ll be satisfied wherever you go. For a nature packed adventure, a trip to Sri Lanka will not disappoint.

India & Sri Lanka

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The Golden Triangle India Two Week Adventure

India Two Week Adventure

This 14 Day India Tour offers the best adventure through the Golden Triangle, from witnessing the Taj Mahal at Sunrise to exploring the Pink City.

  • 14 Day Tour
  • New Delhi Return
  • Taj Mahal Sunrise & Sunset
  • Wildlife Jeep Safari
Natural Playground Best of Sri Lanka Tour

Best of Sri Lanka Tour

Join the ultimate 12 day guided group tour to discover the best of Sri Lanka with ancient temples, wild elephants, national parks, and more.

  • Scenic Train to Ella
  • Elephant Safari
  • Hike Sigiriya Rock
  • Glamping Experience
Backpacker Favourite Sri Lanka Uncovered

Sri Lanka Uncovered

The best adventure tour exploring the highlights and hidden gems over 10 days - Sri Lanka Uncovered is an experience you don't want to miss.

  • Best Value Tour
  • Highlights of Sri Lanka
  • Scenic Train to Ella
  • Informative Guide
Online Only Deal India Cities, Palaces, & Nature

India Cities, Palaces, & Nature

Join an unforgettable 13 day India Cities, Palaces, & Nature journey to discover the natural wonders, rich history, and epic atmosphere.

  • 13 Day Tour
  • New Delhi Return
  • Taj Mahal & Pink Palace
  • Cultural Experiences
Once In A Lifetime India & Sri Lanka Uncovered

India & Sri Lanka Uncovered

Uncover the beautiful sights, rich history, and outstanding wildlife of India and Sri Lanka on an unforgettable 23 day group tour.

  • Highlights & Hidden Gems
  • Authentic Local Experiences
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Guided Group Tour
Cultural Experience 12 Day Sri Lanka Tour

12 Day Sri Lanka Tour

The best budget friendly 12 Day Sri Lanka Tour with Intro Travel. Make friends, do epic activities and visit the best places in Sri Lanka with a guide.

  • Awesome Small Group Tour
  • Travel Negombo to Mirissa
  • Green Tea Plantations, Spice Gardens, & Beaches
  • Sunrise Safari in Udawalawe National Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Are India and Sri Lanka safe to travel?

Overall, both India and Sri Lanka are incredibly safe countries to visit and the local government takes extra precaution to ensure tourist’s safety. We always recommend taking precaution no matter where you are travelling, be aware of your surroundings and do your research. We also believe it is very important to remain respectful to locals and their cultures at all times to have the most fun on your trip. The best way to travel in complete safety is to join a group tour – that way you’ll never be alone, and will have an epic and experienced guide leading the way.

What should I pack for a trip to India or Sri Lanka?

Packing essentials include lightweight and modest clothing suitable for the climate, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a camera – with so many incredible sights and landmarks to visit you’ll want to document everything you see.

Can I Book When I Get There?

We recommend planning your trip to Sri Lanka and India in advance, especially during peak times. As the tourism industry in both countries are growing rapidly and are becoming increasingly popular destinations, tours, accommodation, and flights can book out quickly. Plan ahead, so you don’t miss out on any epic activities while there.

Is it expensive to travel to India and Sri Lanka??

One of the best things about India and Sri Lanka is that the remain some of the more affordable destinations in Asia to travel, coming in overall cheaper than countries such as Bali, Vietnam, and Thailand. There is a huge variation in the cost of things like accommodation and food, so you can choose to stay budget friendly and book hostels, and eat at local eateries and street food stalls. Alternatively you can enjoy a bit of luxury for a great price, and stay at fancy hotels and enjoy high end restaurants.

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