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Winter Sale on Now! Save up to $500 on your East Coast Australia road trip – Offer ends soon! Start Planning Now!

Is Hamilton Island Your Perfect Whitsundays Match?

By: Abbie Brooks July 28, 2022
Hamilton Island is the most desired destination on the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a peaceful paradise and will impress you at every corner you turn, full of beauty, adrenaline filled activities, and guides to keep you on your toes during your entire holiday.

1. Hamilton Island Livin’

Measuring 4.5km by 3km, Hamilton is the largest inhabited and most glamorous island in the Whitsundays. Boasting an airport, a golf course, and a range of lavish accommodation options; ranging from 6 star hotels, to luxury resort living and island style bungalows, it’s no huge shock that Hammy is extremely popular, especially with families and honeymooners. You’ll need to pack your finest white linen for your date with Hamilton, as you’re whisked from the day spa to a sophisticated dining experience, all aboard a cute white golf cart. You’ll be shown the sights down under, while snorkelling in the turquoise waters of Catseye Beach. If you’re feeling frisky, Hammy might even take you jet skiing or change up your perspective on a heli-tour. There is absolutely no doubt at all that Hamilton Island is amazing, even if it’s a little on the expensive side.

2. Let Loose

If you’re after more of a ‘letting loose’ style experience in the Whitsundays, you might like to give Airlie Beach and sailing yacht combo the chance to infatuate you instead. If you’re a sucker for adventure, Airlie Beach is the place for you to start and finish. Throwing a whole bunch of awesome bars, restaurants, accommodation options, and playful activities into the mix, there’s always going to be something to suit your taste and budget. When you feel like taking a sip of that salty ocean air, you can stock up your esky, check out of your accommodation, and sail away into the sunset on a majestic yacht or catamaran. Choose to meet cool new travel buddies on an epic group tour or convince your closest mates to hire a ‘bareboat’ – which basically means rent and captain your own boat – and navigate your way around the islands.

3. Check Out Whitehaven & Hill Inlet

When it comes to Whitehaven Beach, spend time exploring high above the swirls at Hill Inlet, or swimming in the crystal clear waters. By choosing to dance on the Whitsundays’ wild side, you’ll be able to experience snorkelling, diving, hiking, boat living, and more at a fraction of the cost. Like the matches on your Tinder profile, both options are extremely tempting. It just depends what kind of love affair you’re looking for in the Great Barrier Reef. Would you rather hang by the pool with a good book or watch the sunset on the horizon with an icy beer and great friends? Still confused? Don’t stress! Our friendly staff can help pick the perfect match for you. Just tell us what’s on your checklist and we’ll do the hard work, presenting you with your 10/10 holiday.