Pre-summer sale! Plan your summer East Coast Australia trip today and save up to $500 – Offer ends soon!

Pre-summer sale! Plan your summer East Coast Australia trip today and save up to $500 – Offer ends soon!

Apollo ‘Euro Camper’ 4-Berth

The Apollo Euro Camper is a top of the line, self-contained family tourer designed to perfectly accommodate up to 4 adults. The Euro Camper defines quality-meets-comfort and we’d recommend this to any family or group of friends looking to spend time on the road chasing the next adventure in style. This motorhome is spacious, luxurious and comfortable making it the perfect vehicle for trips that require a little extra.
  • Group_12@3x From $235 per day
  • Group_3@3x Sleeps 4


This vehicle boasts an automatic transmission and a powerful turbo-diesel engine which when combined with power steering makes for a smooth and comfortable ride. In the Apollo Euro Camper you can expect all the home comforts you’d ever need including a TV, DVD player, Air conditioning and fully equipped kitchen including a stove, microwave, fridge and more.

Some of the best features include Shower, Toilet, Electric hook-up, Twin batteries, 100L Freshwater tank, 100L Waste water tank, 240V Socket, 12V Socket, Personal kit, Bedding for each person, 2 Burner gas stove, 1 Hotplate Fridge with freezer, Sink, Hot and cold water, Kitchen kit (cooking utensils, pots & pans), Kettle, Dining table, Cupboard space.

This vehicle is 7.7m long, 2.3m wide, 3.6m high with an interior height of 2.1m.

Please be advised: Make, model and layout cannot be guaranteed.


  • Sleeps 4
  • x2 Large Double Beds
  • Transmission Type: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Largest Vehicle Option


Frequently asked questions

Who are campervans suited to?

Whether you’re a first time traveller or a fully-fledged grey-nomad there are no limits here. Across roads around Australia and New Zealand, you’ll meet people of all ages loving life as they bounce from place to place living life on the road. Campervans are suitable for those with a thirst for adventure looking to see all the hidden gems along the way.



Is travelling in a campervan expensive?

It’s common knowledge that Australia and New Zealand can be pretty expensive places to travel. Depending on your spending habits you can make travelling in a campervan as cheap or as expensive as you like.

We find that a campervan is considerably cheaper if you are travelling in a group of two or more compared to booking public transport and paying for accommodation as you go.

In most campervans you combine all your sleeping, travelling and cooking needs into one. This helps cut costs as the overall cost is rolled into one.




I’m travelling solo, is a campervan for me?

If travelling solo you definitely rent a campervan although we recommend booking a bus pass that you can combine with accommodation. This way you’ll get to meet more people along the way and save a few bucks compared to renting a campervan on your own.




Can I camp wherever I want?

In short.. No. You can’t just pull up at Bondi Beach and set up camp for a few days and wave good morning to the lifeguards on shift. You should expect to check into the odd campsite here and there but with tons of free campgrounds across the country you can certainly do van-life on a budget.




Where are the best campgrounds in Australia?

We recommend that you check out a mix of campsites whilst on your travels. Check out the site Hipcamp (this is like the Airbnb of campgrounds) you can stay on peoples properties in incredible locations from as little as $6 per night. National Parks are also a great shout, there are tons of campgrounds in world-class locations for next to nothing. If you’re searching for free camps then check out wikicamps for a list of freedom camping sites, they are a great shout too.




Are campervans easy to drive?

Depending on what style of camper you choose i.e. 2-seater camper car, hi-top or motorhome you’ll see that size matters. The smaller the vehicle, the easier they are to drive. If you’re looking for something that drives like a car then we recommend a 2-seater camper car or a mid-sized hi-top. These come in both manual and automatic transmission and drive just like a normal car.




How much fuel do i need for my trip?

If you didn’t already know, fuel in Australia is super cheap and getting around is much cheaper than in Europe, The U.S.A & Canada. If you want to know how much your trip will cost you, just message us with your start and end destination and we’ll calculate exactly how much fuel you’ll need for your trip and what it costs.




What if I want to extend my campervan?

We always recommend pre-booking as many dates as you think you’ll need to reach your destination as extending is always subject to supplier availability. If on your trip though you decide that you’re loving van-life and want to extend then just contact us, we’ll contact the supplier for you and ask if you can extend. Booking with Happy Travels makes life easy. Like, super easy.




What if I can't pick up my vehicle because of government restrictions?

If your travel is cancelled due to government implemented travel restrictions then please contact us immediately. We will contact the supplier and cancel your travel. You may request a refund which is subject to supplier terms and conditions. Each supplier’s terms and conditions may vary so it’s important to read these carefully before booking.




Do you charge booking fees?

We provide a completely free service. Once you have purchased your choice of product, we get paid a commission by the supplier.




Can I self-isolate in a campervan if arriving from overseas or out of state?

Good idea, but no. Unfortunately you can’t do that. Please follow government issued guidelines for all information relating to self-isolation and travel restrictions.




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