Frequently asked questions

Can we jump tandem instead of solo?

If you are under 45kg or if you don’t want to take the leap alone, you can jump with a friend. Tandem jumps may incur an additional cost, however.

Is bungy jumping dangerous?

All equipment used for this experience are produced using the highest-available standards in manufacturing. The hardware requires ratings and certifications before being installed. Our suppliers provide the utmost safety for their customers and crew.

Will bungy jumping injure my neck or back?

No. It will not hurt your back. The transition is actually quite smooth, and since the chord is made of elastic, it ends up stretching you. It doesn’t have anymore impact on your back than riding a mountain bike, snowboarding, or surfing.

Can I jump if I have a physical disability?

Yes, you can! Our suppliers take pride in their job when it comes to helping anyone they can, and are able to help people of all abilities and can also jump people in wheelchairs.

How will I be secured before I make my jump?

There are two points for each jump. There will be a traditional tie around your ankles and a waist harness. There will also be a back-up form of attachment.

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