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Winter Sale on Now! Save up to $500 on your East Coast Australia road trip – Offer ends soon! Start Planning Now!

Where To Start Your Australian Adventure

By: Abbie Brooks August 1, 2022
With so many awesome places to explore and activities to fill your days with, it can be tough deciding where to kick off your Australia travel plans! So here’s our handy guide to choosing where you should land in Australia to help you make the most of your time in Oz!
Cities Australian Adventure


Sydney – Australia’s most iconic city! Sydney is bursting with citylife, beaches, and travellers. Whether you’re kicking back on Bondi Beach, partying in Kings Cross, or soaking up the history of the city, it’s always a solid option for starting your trip.

Melbourne – With its bustling coffee culture and art scene, Melbourne is a favourite with those on working holiday visas and sport fans too. There’s plenty of things to do in Melbourne from being a foodie, soaking up the rays at St. Kilda or Brighton, exploring the famous nightlife, or checking out world famous events like the F1, Australian Open, or Melbourne Cup, just to name a few!

Brisbane – Halfway up the East Coast, Brisbane is another favourite stop for those looking for work. With easy access to spots like the Australia Zoo, Noosa, The Gold Coast, and Byron Bay, it’s a great base to start from.

Cairns – The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s biggest diving destination, Cairns, sits at the top of the East Coast, so if you’re heading south for Xmas in Sydney, this is the place to land.

Perth – Looking for even more adventure? Western Australia is way more off the beaten path than its East Coast cousin, but has some incredible stops. Head south to Margaret River and the wineries, or go north to feed wild dolphins, swim alongside whale sharks, and tackle some of the Aussie outback.

Darwin – Sitting in the Northern Territory, Darwin is another destination for those looking for something different. Head south down into the Red Centre and explore Uluru or stay closer to the city and soak up the incredible natural beauty of the surrounding national parks.

Australian Adventure Seasons


Despite what you might think, Australia isn’t always blue skies and sunshine 365 days of the year. It does in fact have a variety of seasons, so if you’re looking to make the most of the sunshine, it’s important to clue yourself up on when the best time to hit each destination is. For example, Melbourne being one of the most southern parts of Australia, has a full variety of weather, from single digit temperatures in the winter, to scorching hot 40+ summers! With that in mind, it’s best to hit up the south of Australia between October and April when the weather is at its best. Cairns, on the other hand, has a more wet and dry season divide, so if you’re wanting to avoid monsoons and cyclones, we wouldn’t advise going there between Dec and Feb. If you plan well, it’s easy to follow the summer up or down the coast, taking in the most amount of good weather for your entire East Coast adventure, so do your homework on all the spots you want to explore!

Activities and Events

Activities & Events

Keeping the activities and events you want to do whilst travelling Australia in mind will certainly help determine your landing destination too, so if you haven’t already made an Australian bucket list, we suggest getting that all written down ASAP! If you’re heading to Oz for some scuba diving or to get your open water dive certification, Cairns is a great place to land before jumping on a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef.

If surfing is your thing, landing in Sydney and heading up to Byron Bay with our buddies at Mojo Surf is a solid option, or even landing in Brisbane before heading to spots like Noosa, Surfers Paradise, or Byron Bay. You might be heading to Australia for big events too, like Xmas and New Years in Sydney, so figuring out those dates into your schedule is important. You don’t want to land in Perth one week before Xmas and expect to get a cheap flight or drive over to Sydney in time!

On the flip side, you also don’t want to land in Cairns with two weeks to tackle the entire East Coast either, so jot some things down on a calendar, and you’ll soon find a logical plan comes together!

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Wherever you decide to land in Australia, you’ll be surrounded by heaps of fellow travellers and most importantly, things to see and do, so get in touch with our travel team, and we’ll help you plan an incredible Aussie Adventure, making the most of your time and budget!