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  /  Lifestyle   /  Top 5 Party Boats on the Whitsundays

Top 5 Party Boats on the Whitsundays

Top 5 Party Boats on the Whitsundays

The Whitsunday Islands are 74 subtropical islands nestled into the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef on the East Coast of Australia. Home to the famous ‘Whitehaven Beach’, currently ranked #4 best beach in the world and #1 best beach in the whole of Australia, there’s no doubting why sailing around the Whitsunday Islands on board an overnight sailing trip is included in almost every East Coast package. If you’re looking for a young and fun crowd to hang with, Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays is the place to be. Airlie Beach is practically one strip filled with bars, hostels and backpackers. So, the party is everywhere you want it to be! You’ve probably stumbled across this blog post because you suffer from serious FOMO and need help choosing the very best party boat to sail around the Whitsundays on. I’ll let you in with a secret, there is more than one! We’ve tried to make it easier for you and compiled a list of the top 5 party boats on the whitsundays. Whichever you think suits you best, make sure you make contact with the Happy Travels team who can give you more info, hook you up with some epic deals, check availability and get your trip booked before it’s too late!

1. The Atlantic Clipper

The Atlantic Clipper is without a doubt the biggest party boat on the Whitsundays with the possibility to hold up to 54 backpackers at one time! Likened to a ‘floating hostel’, this boat is three stories high and even comes with a giant inflatable slide and a jacuzzi, perfect for the cooler nights once the sun drops behind the beautiful Whitsundays islands. The Clipper is famous for it’s rowdy vibe and the all day all night drinking games and parties so this one is not for the faint hearted. If your ideal for the Whitsundays is to sleep all day and party all night, this is the go to!

2. Apollo

If you’re more looking to max out on adventure and leave the partying until later, Apollo is one of the fastest Maxi-Sailing adventure boats on the Whitsunday Islands and the only backpacker live aboard trip which sails for 3 days and 2 nights! This trip, of 27 guests, is jam packed with heaps of stops at unique snorkelling spots amongst pristine coral and marine life. The extra day means that Apollo can sail as far out as the Great Barrier Reef. Is scuba diving on your bucket-list? If it wasn’t already it should be and on Apollo, all passengers are treated to a FREE introductory SCUBA! There’s more! Apollo guarantees 3 hours time on Whitehaven Beach (one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world!), so plenty of time to max relax and get those shots for the gram! That’s not to say that when the day is done and the activities are packed away, you can’t party all night long. Face it, you earned that beer! Infact, some of the best stories come from late nights on Apollo so get the eskie stocked!

3. Tongarra

If you prefer to balance the crazy with the chill, Tongarra is a great option! With a small group size (only 26 people including the crew), it has a much more intimate vibe. Tongarra is a catamaran so it just slices through the waves while you can chill out and sunbathe on the deck. The crew on Tongarra will take you to heaps of epic spots surrounding the Whitsundays where you can snorkel, hike and explore. The best bit, they have a BANANA BOAT on board. There is no noise curfew on board so once the adventure is done for the day, hang out with your new mates as you watch the sunset, smash some beers and whenever it may be, pitch your sleeping bag and sleep under the stars on the deck of the boat. Wake up to the sunrise (what a hangover cure!), and do it all over again!

4. Avatar

The Whitsunday Island’s only chartered trimaran, Avatar is one of the most unique boats out there. With two big nets made for sunbathing in the day and the bright white exterior, Avatar has the luxury look but with the backpacker price tag! Those nets are not only perfect for catching a tan, they are the perfect social space to come together night or day ; to hang out and chill or as a giant dance floor ; those who wish to party all night long typically flock to the West nets while those hoping to chill and stargaze, stick to the East. As one of the only boats with double accommodation, Avatar is also a good choice for couples who want their own space without sacrificing the fun!

5. New Horizon

Last but not least we have New Horizon, another popular choice amongst the backpacker crowd. Prepare to embark on an incredible two days of exploring with paddle boards and snorkels to use at your peril. Famous for it’s chilled out vibe, backpackers are likely to gather together on the first night for a few (or more) drinking games and tend to make the most of the movie room on the second night. What a perfect hangover cure. No matter which boat you choose, the party starts with you! So make contact with Happy Travels team to get hooked up with the best deals out there and then pack as many beers as you can and hop on board! Make sure to ask the team for the best party hostel recommendations in Airlie beach for before and after your trip.