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Sri Lanka

Destination Information

Explore the island of Sri Lanka, home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and enjoyable adventures, full of tropical beaches, tea plantations, and epic wildlife. Elephants, peacocks, buffalo, and more! We offer the best Sri Lanka tours and accommodation to give you an adventure to remember.

A teardrop shaped island in the Indian Ocean, this country is full of wonder and perfect for adventure lovers. Whether it’s pristine beaches, jaw dropping mountains, scenic rainforests, or amazing wildlife reserves you’re after, this country has it all. Enjoy the cerulean blue ocean for a fun surf session, or grab yourself a deliciously fresh coconut and relax for the perfect sunset view.

Encounter wildlife on an incredible safari through stunning National Parks, where you can spot elephants, mongoose, leopards, monkeys, peacocks, and so much more. Hop on board the world’s most scenic train and dangle your toes out the doorway while you take in the breathtaking sights of the mountainous rainforests and tea plantations. And be sure to try the local cuisine wherever you go – known for delicious curries, sambol, kottu and roti, as well as an array of delightfully sweet fruits, you’ll be satisfied wherever you go. For a nature packed adventure, a trip to Sri Lanka will not disappoint.


There are countless unique sights and breathtaking views all around Sri Lanka, and Sigiriya does not fall short. This massive rock that rises 200 metres above its surroundings holds an incredible ruined fortress at its peak. Surrounded by panoramic views of the stunning landscapes around, this landmark is a must visit.

On the journey up, feel the magic of this place as you view the incredibly carved giant lion’s paws at the base of the stairs. Then enjoy the climb up the swerving steps and terraces. This takes you to ‘The Citadel’, the ruins of the fortress with a rich and interesting history. With old palaces, gardens, and reservoirs, you’ll want to explore every last bit of the rock. The whole time surrounded by miles and miles of beautiful views. Look out for the Sigiriya Frescoes – a series of ancient paintings of female figures, some of the best preserved in the world. And don’t forget to enjoy the Mirror Wall, a once highly polished build that seemed to blend into its surroundings.

For an insight into the interesting history of the culture of Sri Lanka, you won’t want to miss Sigiriya.


As the second largest city in Sri Lanka, you certainly won’t want to skip the sacred city of Kandy. Surrounded by scenic hills and mountains, the city is known for its beauty, temples, palaces, and lakes. You’ll get a glimpse into the rich culture and spiritual history here. You can easily enjoy a full day exploring the city, named a Unesco World Heritage site for a reason.

You’ll want to visit Kandy Lake, a stunning spot for swimming surrounded by nature and incredible architecture. Explore the Royal Palace and the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens for a touch of history and all kinds of beautiful plants. Visit Bahirawakanda temple to see the giant Buddha statue, and the Temple of the tooth relic. Known as one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in the world – this will surely blow your mind. A perfect stop between Colombo and Sigiriya, be sure to add Kandy to your itinerary.

Udawalawe National Park

Who doesn’t want to see elephants wondering in the wild? Udawalawe National Park is one of the best destinations you could find for a wildlife safari. Created to be a sanctuary for Sri Lankan elephants and home to over 600 of them. Expect to see dozens roaming the grasslands and forests. Watch as they cross the road in front of you with their babies in tow. Asian elephants may be the smallest in the world, but that won’t make them seem any smaller when you see them up close!

Udawalawe is also home to a variety of other wildlife that is magnificent to see in their natural habitat. See water buffalo meandering through the swamps, or monkeys swinging through the trees. Hear the distinct call of the peacock and watch their iridescent blue and green tail shimmer in the sun. If you’re really lucky, you may even get to spot a leopard or a sloth bear.

A trip to Udawalawe National Park is a truly memorable experience – full of nature at its best.


Did you know that the number one most scenic train ride in the world, is in Sri Lanka? Here you can experience it for yourself, and enjoy the enchanting town of Ella at the end of it.

You may have seen pictures of the gorgeous blue train traversing through the mountains. Or maybe you’ve seen videos of travellers hanging out the door with their hair in the wind. The iconic train passes through some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole country, through wild rainforests and gorgeous mountain ranges, thundering waterfalls and captivating tea plantations. You’ll also pass by local villages with colourful houses, families going about their day, children playing and waving at the train, workers in the fields. An endearing glimpse of the real Sri Lanka.

The exciting journey doesn’t end when you finally arrive into Ella, a quirky little town in the middle of the mountains. This town is known for some of Sri Lanka’s most iconic landmarks. Enjoy a hike through gorgeous nature to Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock, for breathtaking views of the mountains. Stop by Rawana Ella falls to watch the cascading waterfall thunder over the rocks. Head to the Nine Arch Bridge for picturesque and truly unforgettable views of the valley below. Ella is the perfect place to relax and revel in the natural beauty.


For classic beachside Sri Lankan town vibes, Mirissa is the place to be. One of many peaceful beach side towns along the south coast of the island, but arguably one of the best. Gorgeous beaches, laid back vibes, delicious spots to eat and a dazzling nightlife. This sleepy tourist town may quickly become one of your favourites.

Kick back and relax at Mirissa beach, long and beautiful with crystal blue waters. Enjoy a cocktail or a cold beer at one of the many beach bars, with tropical views of the ocean in front of you. Head to the Mirissa Lighthouse, one of the tallest in Sri Lanka, for stunning views of the area. Or to Coconut Tree Hill, a picturesque spot full of palm trees, perfect for sunset. Be sure to catch the local fishermen working from their stilts in the ocean, a wonderful and uniquely Sri Lankan sight to see.

Mirissa is also an incredible spot for Whale Watching in the months of November to April. You’ll often see dolphins, Sperm whales, and the largest of them all – the Blue whale. Epic!

Arugam Bay

It’s time to surf, and Arugam Bay is the place to be. Beautiful beaches and world class surf spots, it won’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced. You’re sure to find a wave to enjoy. From sunset to sunrise, any time of day is perfect for a surf here. Enjoy a full day on the beach, relaxing in the sun and breathing in the tropical vibes. Have a drink and a bite to eat at one of the many laid back beach bars. Then hop on your board for another go at surfing Sri Lanka’s most popular wave.

Arugam Bay is also surrounded by wonderful local villages and abundant nature, where you’ll get to learn more about the Sri Lankan culture. Enjoy kayaking or paddle boarding at Arugam lagoon, climb to Elephant rock for gorgeous sunset views, and explore Arugam Bay National Park to spot a variety of wildlife. A wonderfully laid back town, Arugam Bay is not one to miss.


Is Sri Lanka expensive?

One of the best things about Sri Lanka is that it remains one of the most affordable destinations in Asia to travel, coming in overall cheaper than countries such as Bali, Vietnam, and Thailand. There is a huge variation in the cost of things like accommodation and food, so you can choose to stay budget friendly and book hostels, and eat at local eateries and street food stalls. Alternatively you can enjoy a bit of luxury for a great price, and stay at fancy hotels and enjoy high end restaurants.

What is The Best Time of Year to go to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a country that is enjoyable year round. The dry season runs from December to March and is an ideal time for most tourists to visit, perfect for a beach holiday. April to November is known as the monsoon season, so there is a bit more rain at this time of year. However, if you don’t mind the rain, the forests and mountains inland are incredibly green and vibrant, and you get to enjoy cheaper accommodation and less crowds wherever you go.

What is the nightlife like in Sri Lanka?

Nightlife in Sri Lanka has a bit of something for everyone. In the cities like Colombo, there you will find a vibrant nightlife full of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and lounges for an eventful night out. In the beach towns, you will find a more laid back vibe with beachfront bars and restaurants to enjoy a cocktail at sunset. Reggae bars and Karaoke bars are popular too, for something a bit unique. Wherever you go, you will meet lots of travellers and backpackers and enjoy a fun night out.

Can I book when I get there?

We recommend planning your trip to Sri Lanka in advance, especially during peak times. As the tourism industry in Sri Lanka is growing rapidly and it is becoming an increasingly popular spot, accommodation and flights can book out quickly. Plan ahead, so you don’t miss out on any epic activities while there.

Is Sri Lanka Safe?

Overall, Sri Lanka is an incredibly safe country to visit and the local government takes extra precaution to ensure tourist’s safety. The people in Sri Lanka are incredibly friendly and hospitable, and the country enjoys a very laid back approach to life. We always recommend taking precaution no matter where you are travelling, be aware of your surroundings and do your research. We also believe it is very important to remain respectful to locals and their cultures at all times to have the most fun on your trip.

Best Airport to Fly Into Sri Lanka?

The best place to fly into is Bandaranaike Airport in Colombo. An exciting and vibrant city to start your journey, when you book a Sri Lanka package with us you will also have your accommodation included, as well as time to relax and meet your tour groups and guides.

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