Fraser Island (K'gari)

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Fraser Island, known as K’gari, meaning ‘paradise’ is the largest sand island in the world, covering an area of 184,000 hectares and stretching over 120kms.

Comprised of ancient sand dunes, unique rainforests, and crystal clear freshwater lakes, this World Heritage site is natural beauty at it’s best. Located off the Eastern Queensland coast, accessible by a short ferry ride from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Bay. There are no roads on the Island, so the only way to travel is by 4WD.

The island has over 100 freshwater lakes, including the iconic Lake Wabby and Lake Mckenzie, both breathtaking in colour and surrounded by white powdery sand and lush forest. Scenery on Fraser is both stunning and unique, with striking sand cliffs running along stretches of uninterrupted white beaches and rainforest over 200 metres high growing out of sand dunes, the only place in the world where you’ll ever see this.

Explore the untamed wilderness, float in crystal clear waters and take a 4WD adventure across sand dunes for an unforgettable experience! There’s camping, adventuring, and lot’s of exploring ahead. Travel down a 70-mile beach, pass through 200m tall king ferns, spot wild dingoes and meander down sparkling creeks.

We offer a range of excursions including overnight tours, day trips and 4×4 safari adventures. Fraser Island beckons, so grab your adventure gear and let’s go. There’s no better place to let your inner explorer out.

Maheno Shipwreck

As if driving up 75 Mile Beach with the ocean on one side and rainforest on the other wasn’t enough, Fraser Island throws a shipwreck on the beach as well.

At 5000 tonnes and 400 feet in length, the SS Maheno is by no means a small shipwreck either. As you drive down the beach, the wreck of the Maheno will start to appear just before you reach Indian Head. As you near closer and closer, the wreck will start dominating the visual of your windscreen. Built in 1905, the SS Maheno has got some nautical miles on the clock, and a few stories to tell. A passenger liner converted into a hospital ship upon the arrival of WWI, she’s been all over the world saving lives. Go ahead and check her and her story out for yourself. Let her do the talking while you park up and do the walking. She really is a magnificent sight to behold.

Indian Head

You can thank us later for our recommendations, but right now you need to reach for your camera and snap away. Offering 360 degree views of Fraser island and unparalleled wildlife sightings of sharks, rays, and turtles, there’s no better opportunity to frame your latest adventure.

Indian Head, found at the end of 75 Mile Beach, also known as Tuckee, meaning stone, are the famous visible rock formations formed from volcanic activity some 50 to 80 million years ago.

Geology rocks!

Lake Mckenzie

The Queen of the Fraser Island Lake game. With its sapphire blue waters, it’s easy to see why Lake Mckenzie is known as the “Jewel of the Island”.

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys swimming at the pool more than the ocean, then Lake Mckenzie is your gateway fix to taking things further. With its still calm waters filtering through silica sand, this h2o is so pure that very little life is supported, giving it swoon worthy mediterranean pool sights that you just can’t resist.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is a popular picnic and swimming spot along 75 Mile Beach. Deceptively powerful, the creek pours about four million liters of fresh water into the sea every hour. A pandanus fringed boardwalk along the creek leads to a bridge, making it a lovely spot to soak up the view and capture a photo of the creek running out towards the beach.

Lake Wabby Sand Dunes

K’Gari’s deepest lake, Lake Wabby is a great place to see nature in action. It’s both a window lake and the only barrage lake on Fraser, meaning the natural spring is blocked by a giant sand bank. Bordering its blue-green waters, the towering Hammerstone Sandblow engulfs the lake by about a meter per year, a testament to the constantly evolving landscape.

From the lake car park, it’s about a 40 minute hike to the lake, but the journey is mostly uphill on soft sand, so it’s best to start early before the strong heat of the day. If you’re feeling less energetic, you can climb to a lookout with amazing views of the landscape.

Once you arrive at the lake, you can cool off with a refreshing dip. Don’t be surprised if you feel something nibbling your toes; this is the only lake on the island that supports fish, and they like to help exfoliate your feet.

Fraser Island Tours

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Backpacker Favourite K’Gari Safari 4WD Tag Along Tour

K’Gari Safari 4WD Tag Along Tour

Best value for money 3 Day, 2 Night K'Gari Safari 4WD tag-along tour. Visit Lake McKenzie, Eli Creek, 75 mile beach, and make some epic new friends.

  • K’Gari 4WD Adventure
  • Meals Included
  • Noosa or Rainbow Beach Departure
  • Experienced Guides
Once In A Lifetime 2 Day 1 Night Dingos Fraser Island

2 Day 1 Night Dingos Fraser Island

This epic group trip with Dingos is the best value for money tour to Fraser Island. Make new friends and visit sites like Lake Mckenzie and Eli Creek.

  • K'gari 4WD Adventure
  • Meals Included
  • Pristine Natural Sights
  • Adventurous group tour
Best Value 3 Day Dingos Fraser Island

3 Day Dingos Fraser Island

This epic 3 day, 2 night Dingos Fraser Island tour is the best value for money, and will take you to Eli Creek, Lake McKenzie and Maheno Shipwreck.

  • K'gari 4WD Adventure
  • Meals Included
  • Experienced Driver Guides
  • Fun and active group tour
K'Gari Day Tour 1 Day K’Gari Explorer Tour

1 Day K’Gari Explorer Tour

All aboard to K’Gari with this 1 Day K'Gari Explorer tour. The tour starts bright and early with various pick up locations around town so don’t worry about making your own way there. This fully guided day tour from K'Gari Explorer (formerly Fraser Explorer) will see you board the ferry over to the west coast of Fraser Island. Here, if you’re not already entertained by watching the 4WD newbies get stuck in the sand, then take a peek out the window and look out for bottlenose dolphins or migrating humpback whales, depending on the season, of course. Once on the…

  • Fraser Island Day Tour
  • Lunch included
  • Island Exploration
  • Experienced Guides
Once In A Lifetime 3D2N Fraser Island Adventure With Island Expeditions

3D2N Fraser Island Adventure With Island Expeditions

Sometimes palm trees and beach side pools just don’t cut it. If eco-friendly beach camping, traditional Aussie BBQ’s, and a couple of drinks at sunset is your kind of vibe, then stick around and find out everything you need to know about Island Expeditions. Tag-a-long tours allow solo travellers and groups of friends to band together to travel around K'gari with absolute ease. You’ll travel in a vehicle driven convoy led by your guides. Good guides can be hard to come by, but luckily, Island Expeditions aren’t short of a few Aussie bushmen who love nothing more than showing their…

  • Fraser Island 4WD Adventure
  • Meals Included
  • Noosa or Rainbow Beach
  • 4X4 Tag Along Safari
Fraser Adventure 3D2N Fraser Adventure Tour With Pippies

3D2N Fraser Adventure Tour With Pippies

This tour is a full-on nature adventure. You’ll experience the best that Fraser Island has to offer with the beauty of having a local guide to show you around.

  • Fraser Island 4WD Adventure
  • All Meals Included
  • Pristine Natural Sights
  • Experienced & Fun Guides
Island Adventure Tasman Venture Remote Fraser Island Tour

Tasman Venture Remote Fraser Island Tour

Exploring Fraser Island is a must do on any East Coast Adventure. No doubt about it. Deciding on the most suitable option to experience Fraser can be tricky. If you feel that an off-the-beaten track kind of day trip is for you, then Tasman Venture’s Remote Fraser Island Experience could just be the perfect one. This trip doesn’t go to all the famous hot-spots such as Lake Mckenzie, Maheno Shipwreck, and Eli Creek. Instead, it strays away from the rest of the day tours, so expect a unique experience like nothing else. This flexible tour includes everything from fishing, kayaking,…

  • Adventure Across Fraser Island
  • Guided Kayaking
  • Seasonal Whale Watching
  • Snorkel At Wathumba Creek
Overnight Adventure 2D1N Fraser Island Tour From Hervey Bay w/ K’Gari Explorer

2D1N Fraser Island Tour From Hervey Bay w/ K’Gari Explorer

Time to get your adventure time sorted and skip across to Fraser Island for a stellar excursion onto one of the longest sand beaches in the world. This trip combines culture, wildlife, and new friends into one epic two day sightseeing excursion. Across these two days, you’ll see all the best highlights, including Lake Mckenzie, Eli Creek, Indian Head Lookout, Maheno Shipwreck, and more. Getting around the island is all taken care of, so don’t worry about renting a 4WD or ruining your own daily driver. The crew at K'Gari Explorer have a purpose built 4WD mega-coach designed specifically for…

  • Meals Included
  • National Park Adventures
  • Return Ferry Transfers
  • 4WD Tour With Commentary

Frequently asked questions

What kind of vehicle do you recommend for adventuring on K'Gari?

We recommend high clearance 4WD vehicles for your adventures on K’Gari. Check out our various tour options or try your luck with renting your own 4WD and make your own adventure.

Is there anywhere on Fraser Island that you cannot travel?

Fraser Island recommends to not drive on the sand dunes and keep to the formed tracks when entering beach camping areas. Also beach driving is not permitted in the no vehicle zones which include between Towoi Creek & Sandy Cape Lighthouse, between Moon Point & Hook Point on the western beach, and between Waddy Point & Middle Rocks (south Waddy Beach).

Do I need a permit to camp on Fraser Island?

Yes, camping permits are required for all camping on the island, except in privately run camping areas.

Do I need a permit to camp on Fraser Island?

Yes, camping permits are required for all camping on the island, except in privately run camping areas.

Are fires permitted on Fraser Island?

No, campfires are prohibited on Fraser. This is to prevent burn injuries, escaped camp fires becoming wildfires, reducing rubbish and environment scars, reduce the risk of introduced pests and diseases, and prevent impacts of firewood on the ecology.

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