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Only Backpackers In Australia Will Understand

Only Backpackers In Australia Will Understand

Backpacking in Australia is heaps of fun – whether you’re sailing on the Whitsundayscruising around Fraser Island or simply kicking back on the beach with some beers and travel buddies.

And there are certain experiences that show you’ve travelled Australia before or have been here for a while…those things that you notice all the time or have become second nature.

If you’ve been travelling in Australia we’re sure you’ll understand the following…


Is it wine?

Is it some kind of sweet tasting petrol?

Why’s it in a foil bag?

What does goon even mean?

Who cares – all you know is it’s cheap and it gets you where you want to go! So pass the fruity lexia please!

Australia Is BIG

Yup, you totally under estimated how long it would take you to get from Sydney to Cairns didn’t you?! It’s pretty much 2,500km from Sydney to Cairns, which we’re sure came as a bit of a shock!

Don’t worry we’ve all been there!

At least now an overnight 18 hour bus is something you can tackle no worries!

The Importance Of Suncream

Oh it’s cloudy outside, I wont burn!


You’ve quickly learn the importance of suncream, sunglass and avoiding being outside during midday – if only you’d listened to your parents growing up hey!?

50 cent noodles

The italians have pizza, the french have croissants, the Spanish have paella and the backpackers…well we have 50 cent noodles lavishly topped with anything that will add any kinda of flavour!

Bonus point if you’ve discovered that you can crack and egg into them and easily create egg fried noodles!

THAT conversation 

You know the conversation, the one EVERYONE has with EVERYONE when they first meet.

“Where have you been, how long are you travelling for, where are you from….”

It’s like a speed dating pitch, but for backpackers!

The Byron Bubble

If you’ve travelled the East Coast you’ve probably got stuck in the Byron Bubble at some point…or felt the need to return!

The barefoot, beachside town of Byron Bay is filled with fire twirling, surfers and good vibes. If only you could extend your stay there…

The Guitar Guy

Will from the Inbetweeners movie was right – there’s always some tw*t with a guitar. So so true!

Bonus points if he has dreads or starts playing Wonder Wall!

Cash Priorities

Your priorities are really all over the shot.You wont eat out anywhere where the meals are more than $10 and you’ll hunt out the cheapest hostel and argue over the price of a day trip – but you wont think twice about spending $15 on a jager bomb at the bar!

It Gets HOT

Dont get us wrong, we’re not complaining about the sunshine, but Australia can get crazy hot! You landed in Australia in search of the best beaches to sunbathe on…now you’re busy hunting for any shopping malls, hostels or cafes that have air conditioning!

There’s No Shrimp On The Barbie!

Have you ever put a shrimp on a BBQ? Have you ever seen an Australian do it? Nope us neither!

Any other weird and random things you’d add to the list?