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Frequently asked questions

Can I hire a car in the NT?

Yes and it’s easy to do it yourself. There are plenty of different options to handle the Northern Territory’s terrain. You will be able to find many locally run businesses with expert experience in the region renting out anything from 4WDs, campervans, motorhomes, and minibuses.



When's the best time to visit the NT?

The NT has two distinct climate zones: the tropical Top End and arid Red Centre. From May to October is the dry season, which tends to be warmer with sunny days and cooler nights. November to April is the wet season which brings large amounts of thunderstorms and very hot weather.



How much time do I need to see the NT?

Though the NT is quite big, you can see most of the popular spots within three days. But we recommend to explore the full region which will take about 14 days.



Should I worry about crocodiles?

Any body of water in the Top End of the NT can contain large and potentially dangerous saltwater crocodiles. You should never take any unnecessary risks in an environment that crocodiles inhabit. We recommend to always observe crocodile safety signs and assume they are nearby.



How I get to the NT?

Whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally, there are various ways you can get here, whether it be by air, road, rail, or sea. There are airports located in Darwin in the north, and also at Alice Springs and Uluru.

You can also travel on the well-maintained, sealed highways, which provide direct routes from cities in South Australia, Queensland, and WA. You can also visit via The Ghan, one of the world’s great train journeys. This guy connects Adelaide and Darwin, stopping at various locations along the way.



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