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Cost To Travel In Australia

Cost To Travel In Australia

Australia has a bit of a reputation for being an expensive place to travel and granted it is a lot more costly than spots like Thailand or Indonesia.

Even so it’s an amazing place to travel around and the perfect place to top up your travel funds with a working holiday visa.

Since budgetting in Australia is one of the things we get asked most about we thought we’d put together a mini cost breakdown so you have an idea of how much to budget for your time down under.


If you’re heading down under for a few weeks or a year accommodation is going to be the cost you encounter the most.

For this opting for hostels you’ll need to budget around $20-40AUD dollars per night for a dorm room, with privates being more around the $80-200AUD mark per night.

Keep in mind prices vary from season to season to and peak times (like xmas and new year) can see beds jump to $50AUD+ per night.

If you’re planning on staying for a few months in one place then renting a room in a shared house is the way to go – although it’s comparable with a week in a hostel dorm you’ll get a private room and be sharing the facilities with heaps less people!


There are a few ways to get around Australia and it’s something we’ve previously chatted about in this blog post.

For most people the Greyhound Bus network is the most cost effective – with a hop on, hop off pass from Sydney to Cairns coming in around $425AUD

If you have a bit more cash to splash for there is a group of you campervan rental is also a great way to get around and you can expect to pay $20 + per day for a camper – just keep in mind you’ll have fuel and insurance on top.

Day Trips

There are literally hundreds of day trips to choose from all around Australia for al tastes and budgets, but here’s a breakdown of some of our favourites;

Big Bucket List Items

As well as day trips there are a range of big bucket list activities to choose from thought Australia too – they’e heaps of fun but also come with a hefty price tag. Still many people have them on their to do list, just make sure you bookmark enough cash to tick them off!


Along with accommodation food is also the most common expense any traveller will incur in Oz. If you’re really tight budget wise then cooking is the best way to go and pretty much every hostel has a communal kitchen you can use.

Rustling up some buddies and splitting the cost on something like a curry or soup will make these meals even more budget friendly and you can general eat for about $3-5AUD.

For those on a REALLY tight budget the 50cent noodles are a backpacker staple…just chuck in some veggies some time to time to vary it and get some proper nutrition!

If you’re a bit more flush for cash backpacker bars offer a variety of discounted meals (like the $5 meal deals at Cheeky Monkeys in Byron Bay or Sidebar in Sydney) or you can go all out at a restaurant…but then expect to be paying in excess of $20AUD per person.


The easiest way to cut your expenses when travelling in Australia is to not drink alcohol, but seeing as you’re travelling the world and wanting to party the chances of that happening aren’t very good are they?!

The cheapest way to drink in Oz is the infamous boxed wine…aka Goon. You can grab a 4litre box for around $15AUD, so split it between some friends and it’ll go a long way – fruity lexis is our poison of choice!

Again if you want to splash the cash a slab of beer will set you back around $40AUD+ and a bottle of spirits is about the same.

When it comes to hitting the bars your wallet will certainly feel it, with a schooner of beer in the $6-8AUD range and spirt + mixer will generally set you back $10-15AUD, so don’t go on too much of a bender!