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  /  Lifestyle   /  Destinations To Meet Aussie Wildlife

Destinations To Meet Aussie Wildlife

Destinations To Meet Aussie Wildlife

Australia is filled with unique and incredible wildlife – from the iconic bounce of Kangaroos through to fluffy koalas!

So when you travel to Australia make sure you take the time to meet some of the locals! Here are 6 of our favourite destinations to get up close to some of the most amazing creatures on the planet…

The Great Ocean Road is one of the best coastal drives in Australia and the route between Melbourne and Adelaide is packed with awesome beaches and wildlife hot spots. Keep an eye out for koalas chilling in the trees near Lorne, enjoy breakfast with some friendly (if rather noisy!) cockatoos and if you’re lucky you might even spot and echidna or two!

With more wild goals per square metre than anywhere else in Australia Magnetic Island is the spot to head to meet these fluffy fellas!

Magnetic Island also has an abundant population of tree kangaroos and rock wallabies too – so keep your camera handy as you never know who you’ll meet!

Noosa National Park

Wander along the coastal paths into Noosa National Park and you’ll be surrounded by lush rainforest and eucalyptus trees – which of course means more koalas! For those looking for the slightly less cuddly Australian locals carpet pythons can often be found chilling in the low lying beaches too!

The most Easterly Point of Australia is packed full of awesome wildlife! Keep an eye out for rock wallabies on the lighthouse walk and see the nightly commute of fruit bats as the sunsets.

For those who love the ocean a dive at Julian Rocks gives you the opportunity to see manta rays, leopard sharks, turtles and grey nurse sharks – or you can kayak with dolphins too!

And if you’re there between June and October you can watch the annual whale migration too!

For more marine life the Great Barrier Reef should certainly be one of the destination you have to hit up! From finding nemo and meeting Wally the Maori Wrasse to swimming alongside heaps of turtles – the Great Barrier Reef is one of Australias must do stops for a reason!

Port Lincoln

If you want an even more unique underwater encounter head to Port Lincoln in South Australia. This area is famous for it’s shark cage diving with Great White Sharks! Get up close to these amazing creatures and feel the adrenaline rush of being in the water alongside them!

If sharks aren’t your thing you can always opt for a snorkel tour with sea lions instead – or better still tick both of your bucket list!

Rottnest Island

If you love cute and fluffy things then Rottnest Island in Western Australia is for you. It’s home to the worlds happiest animal – the Quokka! They kind of look like tiny kangaroos and they always have a smile on their face – plus they’re game for a selfie!

Where would you recommend for meeting some awesome Aussie locals?